STAFF PICK: The Big Dumb Picture Show mimics "Mystery Science Theater 3000" in concept

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Do you love “Mystery Science Theater 3000”? Of course you do. You know who else loves the making-fun-of-bad-movies cult TV series? Some of Columbus’ funniest standup comedians, and since April they’ve been putting on a monthly show cracking wise at some of cinema’s biggest failures in The Big Dumb Picture Show.

This Tuesday, Dustin Meadows, Danny Stratton, Chris Paugh and Tom Plute offer up some laughs while watching a movie worthy of hilarious ridicule. The featured movie is kept secret until the screening — don’t worry, bad movie fans, you’ll be extremely delighted — because the comedians want to promote the event on the strength of the jokes — don’t worry, comedy fans, you’ll be wildly amused — which will be offered courtesy of Big Dumb Picture Show’s A-Team.

“That’s the thing with these movies. The one for this month is a terrible movie, but it’s one that I actually own and really do enjoy. It’s going to be a lot of fun [because] this is the first month we’ve been able to get [the core group] on the lineup,” Meadows said.

Gateway Film Center

7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 19

1550 N. High St., Campus