Beyond art: Outside-the-box Columbus galleries with outsized vision

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Columbus has no shortage of art. It can be seen everywhere, anywhere. You don't have to do much to be inundated by this city's commanding and talented creatives. But the sign of a growing and spirited arts scene isn't in the known spaces. It's found in the places you least expected.

There's no shortage of galleries operating on their own terms in Columbus either. There are many spots housing works of art - have you been to a coffee shop or bar lately? - but some are operating with a larger vision. Whether it's a house-turned-gallery, or an office building, or even a harbor of faith, there are places looking to do more than just hang things on walls.

Here's a look at four places that share ambition and purpose when it comes to presenting artwork. Each approaches displaying art with a personal vision, but what they all have in common is a dedication to furthering art and artists. - Jesse Tigges