Gallery Hop preview: Five exhibits to check out at this weekend's Gallery Hop

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Columbus Alive

This Saturday’s Gallery Hop has plenty going on — as always. So here’s a quick rundown of five exhibits to check out. Four are opening and one, Leah Wong’s “Textured Edge” at Sherrie Gallerie, is closing after the Hop, so make sure to see it before it’s gone.

“Textured Edge”

One exhibit at this Saturday’s Gallery Hop everyone should make an effort to check out is Leah Wong’s “Textured Edge” collection at Sherrie Gallerie. One reason: After this weekend, Wong’s work will be taken down.

Another reason: Wong is presenting her latest practice — paper-cut collages, installations and hangings — and its intricacies are captivating. Wong’s masterful paper-cut pieces will spellbind the viewer as they get lost in the details and depth of each.

“They all have the same attention because I want detail. I treat small work as large work, only on a smaller scale, [and] the large works small because of all the little details that go into everything,” Wong said during an interview at Sherrie Gallerie.

Wong is a member artist of Sherrie Gallerie and had previously exhibited mostly two-dimensional collections of paintings at the gallery. But paper-cut and installation are a craft she’s loved since her childhood in China, and after showing some of these pieces in Shanghai, she felt confident enough to put together a show. After two years of work, “Textured Edge” is an astonishing execution of Wong’s newfound passion.

“After the last show I had here [in 2012], I felt I had to do it right. It took me a long time because it’s a departure from painting. I started studying and wanting to break into other things because my mind started to change,” Wong said.

Kaitlin Beckett and Zombienose

For the month of October, Rivet is hosting two artists whose work isn’t explicitly Halloween-related, but still fits quite nicely with the season. Australian-native Kaitlin Beckett presents multimedia illustrations that are like a twisted sci-fi dream involving creatures and animal life juxtaposed with biomechanical technology. The result is a whimsically dark presentation mixing the strange with the natural world.

Zombienose, hailing from Oregon, more overtly fits into the tradition of Halloween with his creepy creations — think “The Nightmare Before Christmas” meets Billy the Puppet from “Saw.” Zombienose creates sculptures, paintings and storybooks with one thing in common: a sense of macabre. A dash of quirkiness makes the pieces more approachable despite their ghastly aesthetic.

Chris Taylor

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Gallery Hop, local painter Chris Taylor presents nine new 30-inch-by-30-inch acrylic and paper abstracts on stretched fabric. Taylor’s abstracts visually pop while offering the opportunity for further examination. Reception: 6-10 p.m.

“The Death of Glitter”

Local artist Peggy Mintun is obsessed with glitter. Using it as inspiration for her latest collection of abstract canvases, the result is fun and interesting works with both vibrancy and depth. Reception: 5:30-8 p.m. Saturday.

Crystal Gregory and Luke Ahern

Crystal Gregory presents a suspended installation of handmade laces carrying cast concrete tubes to combat the notion that something delicate can’t also be strong. Luke Ahern’s sculptures and installations are organically created mixed-media pieces concerned more with process than finished product. Reception: 7-10 p.m.

Sherrie Gallerie

Through Sunday, Oct. 5

694 N. High St., Short North

Rivet Gallery

Oct. 4-29

1200 N. High St., Short North

Sean Christopher Gallery

Oct. 4-25

815 N. High St., Short North

Stone Village Church

Oct. 4-26

139 E. Second Ave., Short North

ROY G BIV Gallery

Oct. 4-25

997 N. High St., Short North