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It’s a challenge to come up with a concise title for Allison Lehman. My suggestion: Creative Powerhouse. A business owner (of The Wonder Jam), designer, photographer and blogger, Lehman can now add author to this list. She has co-written (with digital marketer Claire Deane) an e-book called “Charge Up: Build a Business and Manage Your Energy with Your Introversion Superpowers.” What might surprise you is that this seemingly tireless collaborator and connector within arts and business communities is also a proud introvert. Lehman discovered this about herself in 2012, when she was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. “I was speaking in public a lot, traveling a lot, overextending myself,” she explained. Since then, she’s created strategies to help herself remain inspired and invigorated.

The book started in April of 2014, when I was working professionally with my friend Claire [Deane], who is in Australia. As we were Skyping, we found out we were both introverts. She never came across like this to me, which makes me laugh, because now I’d say you can never really tell. We decided, let’s write an e-book about owning businesses and being introverts, because it definitely affects things.

This book is broken down into actionable tips and advice via bullets or numbered lists. That’s how I write, and that’s how I like to read.

I don’t want people to tiptoe around me. It’s my responsibility to take care of myself; it’s not anyone’s responsibility to research how to interact with me. The book is helpful in communicating that introversion is not a crutch. You need to make sure you are fueled and not exhausted.

I was always labeled homesick when I was younger, and while I love my parents, it was probably more that I didn’t want to be with people 24/7 at Girl Scout Camp. But all my life, being told that I was assertive, it never occurred to me that I was an introvert.

My working definition of an introvert is someonewho refuels, feels rested after spending time alone. All the other things can vary. Do you need, at the end of the day, if you’re exhausted, to go be with people or go be by yourself? When I have a healthy balance, I still really benefit from and love being with people.

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