Art preview: Nathan Gorgen | Jordin Caudill

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

When the Short North’s ROY G BIV Gallery showcases a duo of artists, often the two will seem vastly different — in everything from medium and practice to message and concept. But after some inspection of the work and the artists, viewers will quickly find a relationship between the two.

With Nathan Gorgen and Jordin Caudill, each artist’s work may appear incongruent with the other’s, but that’s not necessarily the case. Gorgen creates faux-finish paintings — wholly original pieces representing commonplace materials and everyday objects — that question the value of luxury materials.

The geometric compositions by Caudill (pictured) use renovation samples (flooring, wallpaper, fabric and laminate) woven, sewn and stitched into two-dimensional designs. The results feel very different from Gorgen’s presentations, but Caudill is similarly focusing on ordinary materials to present a larger concept, one that investigates the design of domestic interior spaces.

ROY G BIV Gallery

Through Saturday, Jan. 31

997 N. High St., Short North