Arts previews: "Psycho Beach Party"

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Columbus Alive

Since we’re in the full throes of snow and winter right now, why not pretend you’re at the beach with an award-winning comedy from Charles Busch (“The Divine Sister,” “Die Mommie, Die”) at the Garden Theater this weekend? “Psycho Beach Party” is an immersive play experience that combines laughs, the Frankie and Annette beach parties and Hitchcock psychological thrillers. It’s based off the 1957 novel “Gidget.”

The story revolves around a tomboy teenager, Chicklet Forrest (played by Nick Hardin), who is desperate to become a part of the surfing community. There’s one problem — Chicklet has multiple personalities, including a black check-out girl, an elderly radio talk show hostess, a male model, the accounting firm of Edelman and Edelman and her most dangerous alter ego, a sexually voracious vixen named Ann Bowman.

As Chicklet begins to make new friends in the surf community, it triggers her host of personalities and sets the play off on a wild series of events and revelry.

Photo credit: Jason Allen

The Garden Theater

Through Sunday, Feb. 1

1187 N. High St., Short North