Art preview: "Beyond Materials: Artists Pushing the Boundaries of Basketry"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

You may not expect some of the most interesting and exotic art currently exhibiting in Columbus to be in the form of basketry, but that’s entirely true with the current exhibit at Ohio Craft Museum. Eight artists have work in “Beyond Materials,” but the star of the show is distinguished Ohio artist Dorothy Gill Barnes.

“Barnes has been ‘pushing the boundaries of basketry’ for more than four decades, with her innovative — and wildly inclusive — use of varied natural materials and freewheeling approach to sculptural form,” notes art historian and critic Ann Bremner in the exhibit’s press release.

Besides Barnes’ masterful creations of natural-based baskets (pictured), there are a number of other experimental materials like glass, metal and fiber (used to create a whimsical pumpkin pie vessel).


Ohio Craft Museum

Through March 22

1665 W. Fifth Ave., Grandview