March 2015 Gallery Hop preview

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

"Stitched Fervor"

Former Columbus resident Meghan Willis (now living in Brooklyn) earned a degree in fashion design and spends her days working in the apparel industry. By night, her creative endeavors explore the human body sans clothing. In 2011, Willis found an artistic resurgence by embroidering nudes and has never looked back.

"My husband is a nude photographer so we have a lot of nude photos around our house. I decided to combine the random naked photos we have with the stitching, and I thought it would be funny. I started out thinking, 'Wouldn't it be hilarious to stitch some boobs?'" Willis said during a phone interview. "It evolved from something humorous to something more sensual and erotic. There's more of a statement; being able to show different women's body types, body hair choices and where they're taking their sexuality into their own hands. So it went from … here are some nipples, to showcasing the different women out there taking sexuality into their own hands."

Willis employs her fashion background into the embroidered works for aesthetic purposes - "It draws your eye along the line so you can see all the shapes and curves" - but also because it juxtaposes the vulnerability of a nude while emphasizing the subject's strength gained by expressing personal sexuality.

Lindsay Gallery

March 6-31

Opening reception: 6-9 p.m. Friday, March 6

986 N. High St., Short North

"Concentration 7: An Annual Portfolio Selection from Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School"

"Concentration 7" is a prime example of Sean Christopher Gallery's dedication to being an alternative space for emerging artists by hosting 15 advanced placement art students from Fort Hayes for this annual exhibit. Curated by Teresa Weidenbusch, a longtime art instructor at Fort Hayes and director of the school's Shot Tower Gallery, this show will feature painting, drawing, mixed media, photography and digital art where each student chose a specific concentration.

Students spent a year creating works within their chosen "concentration" - anything from formal or conceptual considerations to social commentary, aesthetics, motion and more. The combination of autonomy and structure has resulted in contemplative and demonstrative - often personal - works from these young artists.

Sean Christopher Gallery

March 7-28

Opening reception: 6-10 p.m. Saturday, March 7

815 N. High St. (Suites H & N), Short North


Little Fish Printing & Gallery, the newest gallery in the Short North, is a division of the Columbus Center For Human Services, Inc. that provides adults with developmental disabilities a creative outlet through its screen printing endeavors and art gallery. This weekend Little Fish will present its first of five exhibitions; the theme is one everyone knows well: pop culture. The artists featured in "Pop!" will present their past-to-present favorites from television and movies, video game characters and even memes, making for an eclectic and amusing display.

Little Fish Printing & Gallery

March 7-April 27

Opening reception: 6-9 p.m. Saturday, Mar. 7

1254 N. High St., Short North