Studio Proof: Selection process of "Perpetuating Purpose" offers exciting vision

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The current exhibit at Open Door Art Studio in Grandview, “Perpetuating Purpose,” took a unique approach in the curatorial and jury process that produced interesting and charming results. The member artists of Open Door, which is dedicated to providing art education and services to individuals with developmental disabilities, served as jurors for this exhibit under the guidance of the professional artists of The Art and the Artists Of… network.

For “Perpetuating Purpose,” all 38 pieces were chosen by the member artists of Open Door, with AAAO administrator Amy Leibrand serving as curator. The goal of this process was to connect the artists at Open Door with the local art community and for the Open Door artists to experience the selection process.

Often the artists at Open Door apply to shows outside of the Open Door gallery and it can be difficult to understand why a piece wasn’t accepted. This process allowed the artists of Open Door to be on the other side and gain a better understanding of how an exhibition is put together,” Open Door program director Ashley Pierce said.

The educational aspect of “Perpetuating Purpose” is a worthy component, and experiencing the exhibit — which closes Friday, March 27 — and the works selected, is most intriguing. It’s a varied collection, displaying paintings, photography, mixed-media and sculpture. Some pieces are colorful, vibrant and whimsical while others are more pensive (Lisa McLymont’s “Universe Without”). The abstract works are quite impressive, especially Chris Pemberton’s “The Gateway.”

“It was incredibly refreshing to listen to the candid opinions of the Open Door artists and their instinctive evaluation of each piece,” Leibrand said. “Conversation shifted from size and medium to the purpose of art, some works evoking a collective buzz of emotional and cerebral excitement. After observing their thoughtful deliberation, we left feeling confident that they would succeed in selecting works appropriate for this exhibit [and] are outstanding in voice and diversity.”

Pictured above: “The Gateway” by Chris Pemberton