Exhibit preview: The Campana Brothers and Tomory Dodge shine in Pizzuti Collection shows

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Two exhibitions, “Campana Brothers: Brazilian Design Now” and Tomory Dodge (a mini-exhibition within “NOW-ISM: Abstraction Today”) at the Pizzuti Collection are inherently distinctive from one another. But both offer the chance to experience recent works by emerging artists.

The Campana Brothers are Brazilian designers and artists, and the Pizzuti Collection currently houses a number of their wildly imaginative furniture designs. From the chair made of stuffed animals (“Cake Stool”), to the handful of pieces created using coiled and cut reclaimed foam (selections from Sushi Collection), viewers should experience the unrestrained creativity of Fernando and Humberto.

“This is the first time the Campana Brothers has been shown in Columbus,” said Mark Zuzik, program director of the Pizzuti Collection. “What’s really fascinating about the Campana Brothers is you look at these objects and they’re sort of wild and imaginative, but functional. Their mission is to make the functional poetic and the poetic functional.”

Tomory Dodge is a mixed-media artist whose work is vastly different from the Campanas’ pieces, but no less stunning. Dodge is a young artist, and the works in his exhibition show a progression of approaches from his figurative pieces to his recent show at New York City’s CRG Gallery in 2014.

“What’s really interesting is Ron and Ann [Pizzuti] have been collecting Tomory for a number of years, so we have works that span from 2006 all the way through 2014 … so it really is what’s happening now,” Zuzik said. “We really get to watch him progress, and what’s really interesting to me is Tomory switches back and forth a lot between mediums. He’s not just a painter. He does work in print and watercolor collage, and he’s exploring all these techniques and ideas.”

There is one thing the Campanas and Dodge do have in common and it’s the presentation of their artist talks with the gallery. Dodge was there in early February, but his full talk is available online. The Campanas are based in Brazil and cannot make the trip to Columbus, so they’ve recorded a video answering crowd-sourced questions that will screen April 11, and be followed by a curator tour.

Photo courtesy of Fernando and Humberto Campana, Pizzuti Collection

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