Studio Proof: "Making It" documentary looks into the business of being an artist

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Three Columbus-based illustrators, Andrew Bawidamann, Brian Ewing and Eric Fortune, are subjects of the documentary “Making It,” which examines the career path of a professional artist. “Making It” doesn’t pull any punches in showing the dedication required to pursue a career in a business defined by uncertainty.

“Andy had the great line of the film in, ‘Nobody teaches you how to be an artist,’” said director Tony Moorman during a recent phone interview from his home in Cincinnati. “It’s really a huge risk to be an artist and if you’re lucky, maybe you can be a Coop (a well-known illustrator). But if you know a lot about the art world or illustration, you know it’s a small amount of people at that level.”

Moorman’s goal for the film was to highlight artists who’re at the midpoint of their careers, a place where you’ve had success (and/or failure and disappointment), to show it’s rarely easy taking a creative path.

“The one takeaway I really strived for with the film, and it’s not said word for word, but I wanted young filmmakers, artists, illustrators, whoever to understand that it’s going to take time,” Moorman said. “[Many] are a little naïve, or a lot naïve, in that they want instant gratification. They want the career and everything right now.”

Numerous perspectives are represented in the film; everyone from students and recent graduates to industry legends like Mike Mignola contributed. But it’s the resourcefulness and dedication Bawidamann, Ewing and Fortune have shown that Moorman found as inspiration and a kinship with.

“We didn’t ask permission to make it. We just willed this thing into happening. I think that’s kind of special. I just hope that inspires people to realize they don’t have to rely on studios or Kickstarter to make a project. You can do it on your own,” Moorman said.

“Making It” is available for download through iTunes and Amazon , or for purchase on DVD. Go to for more information.