Exhibition preview: "Sexy" asks us to reexamine the definition of the word

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

For his latest project, James Drakeford is redefining how we define sexy through a series of photographs and mixed-media works. Drakeford’s socially conscious work examines how our culture’s traditional viewpoints on what makes women sexy are often empty and physically based stereotypes.

The collection, on view at Till Dynamic Fare through May, will feature: black-and-white portraits reflecting the notion that simple facial expressions can project powerful emotions and feelings; a collection of portraits of subjects in roles that highlight their careers, hobbies, passions and individual stories (rather than their appearance); and mixed-media portraits where paint has been used to cover the body, asking the viewer to observe only the beauty in the sitter’s visage.

This collection of work is defined by a compelling and genuinely uplifting thought-process; ideal for contemplating society’s skewed perceptions of “sexy” and a personal introspection we could all benefit from.

Till Dynamic Fare

Through May 30

247 King Ave., Victorian Village