CCAD Senior Fashion Show profile: Sarah Ribble

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

The designs Sarah Ribble put together for the CCAD Senior Fashion Show on Friday, May 8, stand out for a number of reasons. She's one of two designers who created a lingerie line for the show - pieces defined by intricate details and delicate fabrics to create a sensual elegance. Where Ribble's designs really impress - besides the appropriately graceful beauty in these intimate garments - is how comfortable the wearer will feel in them.

"I decided to do [lingerie] for my senior fashion just because I love the fabrics that are involved - the chiffon, the lace. It's all very romantic and fun to work with," Ribble said. "This is like lounging lingerie. It's definitely something I want you to feel comfortable in all day, just lounging. It's sexy and sophisticated, but also wearable. It's very popular now to wear lingerie as outerwear and incorporate it into your actual wardrobe, so I tried to make some pieces that could be [utilized] in that way too."

Ribble may be infatuated with the sheer, delicate fabrics incorporated in lingerie design, but she was unaware of her affinity for it until she drew a lingerie line for an illustration class. She immediately knew this was the direction she needed to go for her fashion show line, which somewhat belies her initial interest in fashion. Ribble was originally more interested in unconventional materials.

"My junior year of high school my teacher showed me the winner of the Condom Couture event (a local fashion show featuring one-of-a-kind designs created using prophylactics), who was a grad of my high school. I was so inspired by this idea of making something wearable out of an unconventional material that I started making things out of book pages and crazy [stuff] like that. I started thinking I wanted to go into fashion more and more, and then did a college preview [at CCAD] for fashion and just loved it," she said.

While Ribble has moved away from book pages and crazy materials in favor of more comfortable ones for this line, she's found uniqueness in the overall concept of her lingerie. Her main goal was to create a look that's both sexy and casual, buoyed by personal pops of detail.

"The [customer] should be able to get multiple uses out of this line … and I just wanted the client to get her money out of it. So I tried to make pieces - it is lingerie - but most are pretty covered. With the robes and everything there's more fabric than most typical lingerie. It's tastefully revealing," Ribble said. "I [also] painted a watercolor that I turned into my print for the collection. The goal was to keep the artistic side and the fashion side intertwined. I really like print and textile design. I think that's the perfect way to use my love of painting and my love of fashion."

Ribble, like many of her fashion design student peers, has an affinity for all forms of art. For her lingerie line, the art is represented in both its concept and execution.

Sarah Ribble

Age: 22

Neighborhood: Hilliard

Hometown: Hilliard

Instagram: @s_ribble