Exhibit preview: "Content Panic" proves moms are unstoppable

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Columbus Alive

Despite everything that’s happening in Franklinton this Friday — it is, after all, Franklinton Friday! — there is only one event to visit that will make your mom proud.

By visiting Second Sight Studio, a home gallery supporting artists with in-residency programs, where three artists — who’re also moms! — will be holding a reception, you’ll do something we don’t do enough of (as if we ever could), and that’s support the moms.

Mona Gazala, owner and operator of Second Sight Studio — and a mom — moved back to Cleveland in 2014, but refused to let go of the Franklinton house that’s served artists in any number of ways since she purchased it in 2012. It’s been a gallery, an in-residency program for out-of-town and local artists alike, and most importantly a space that’s open and welcoming to all (artist or not).

Gazala acted in an even more momentous way in April when she saw a mom — and artist — who needed a little help. Kerstyn Whittington (pictured) was in the process of a move, which she coined as “Content Panic,” referring to all the logistics involved, and needed a space where she could be — even if momentarily — an artist, mom and individual.

She needed a space to decompress and be creative. Gazala was happy to oblige.

“She contacted me at a time when she was in a rough period, which was upsetting to me. I wanted to do something where I can facilitate people, especially creative minds, and especially creative moms. There’s a lot of juggling going on when you have to deal with your life and your art, especially when you have children to consider as well. I’m happy she has a little bit of time to focus on everything,” Gazala said of how Whittington was able to focus on the aspects of life most important to her — her two sons and her art (and an adorable grey pit bull puppy).

Whittington, along with Gazala and fellow mom Felicia Dunson, will display a handful of different mediums Friday. Like moms do, they even multitask in creative endeavors. For example, Gazala will have a “photographic/archaeological exploration of packing and moving,” and Wittington will display the “splatter paint” process that’s been a meditative, creative outlet during this stressful time.

Second Sight Studio

7-10 p.m. Friday, May 8

730 Bellows Ave., Franklinton