Studio Proof: James Beoddy was truly one of a kind

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

A special person passed away Wednesday — one who only took the briefest of seconds to see the incredible soul residing inside.

His name was James Beoddy, but that was only a name.

He was Jim, or Beoddy, to his friends. He was Goblinhood or Buckethead to those who saw his most outgoing self. He was Chim (Chimera) inside and to his closest confidants, and he was everything — truly loving, open and loved — to those who visited The Vanderelli Room the first Friday in May.

That show encapsulated a lifetime of art — visual, performance and personal. The masterfully complex paintings, illustrations and words he spoke were one of the too rare times Beoddy let this world see this soul. Whether you experienced this or not, know that James Beoddy was undeniably beautiful.

Beoddy’s art is powerful, vociferous and created from a place that no words could ever hope to capture. It is captivating on view. It is mesmerizing upon introspection. It is unforgettable.

But it was Beoddy — the person, the soul — that truly made an impact. Even if that was not the Beoddy way. Beoddy was shy — even in those most outgoing moments, a mask or persona was donned — but I like to think that was only because Beoddy could know something we can’t, something rooted in love.

We all lose people, some of us feel that loss every day, and Beoddy was ever-conscious of this, and probably would’ve hated this form of attention — never wanted it, needed it, or asked for it. But Beoddy was and will always be an artist in its purest sense; a soul epitomized by expression without hesitation, and one that pushed all bounds of creativity.

For that, I must go against what he may have wanted. For that I am thankful. From that I am inspired.

And for you, James Beoddy, I am in awe.