Arts preview: Quiet Peninsula at MadLab

Jim Fischer
A scene from MadLab's production of "Quiet Peninsula"

Brandon Ferraro's suspenseful drama "Quiet Peninsula" might seem on the surface to be a set of three one-act plays, but the three stories are artfully woven together to complete a single narrative about guilt, justice and the truth.

Each act cetners on a different character - Lauraine, a female police officer, David, a son struggling to care for his aging and declining father, and Bryan, a star college basketball player. Their stories take place in three separate Michigan towns, and the audience is challenged to connect the dots.

The relationships between the characters are developed through dialogue, but also through timing as revealed by phone calls and a television program, said Audrey Rush, who directs the production.

"There are bread crumbs left by the playwright," she said, "although not in the same sense as if you're playing a video game and looking for 'Easter eggs.'"

Some connections are "clear and necessary," Rush said, while others require some analysis.

"It's done very artfully and strategically," Rush said, adding, "(Ferraro) has some fun with the suspension of disbelief and the sequence of events."

The cast includes Sheree Evans as Lauraine, Kathryn Miller as Jess, Chad Hewitt as David, Michael Moore as Walter, Nikki Smith as Kathy, John Kuhn as Derek and Taylor Martin Moss as Bryan. Additionally, there are other characters not staged but referenced throughout the play that also provide connectivity. (Hint: The three acts are named for these characters.)

MadLab artistic director Andy Batt said "Quiet Peninsula" was among the favorites of a MadLab team scouting last year's New York International Fringe Festival.

MadLab Theatre

Dec. 3-19

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