Preview: Glory Bead

Jim Fischer
Untitled by Yuan Pan Kwon

CJ Brazelton wanted to do an exhibition of pieces that called to mind the unseen things of the natural world - deep sea life, fossils, things seen only under a microscope - and he thought he knew some artists whose work could make it happen.

"There's a local artist and the rest are all from out of town, artists who've been getting a lot of attention and I wanted to bring them to Columbus," Brazelton said. "We have a strong local arts scene, but these are artists people might not have the opportunity to see."

Featured artists includeChloe Seibert from Chicago, whose work in concrete and plaster creates odd textures that give her pieces a look beyond their years; Tiziana La Melia from Vancouver, who creates ambiguous fish-like sculptures lit with LED lights; and Los Angeleno Yuan Kwon Pan, who makes large-scale paintings with intricate patterns resembling cell walls viewed through a microscope.

"There's something both scientific and spiritual about these objects," Brazelton said. "There's a sort of narrative that conveys an idea but it's open and not hard-defined and not overly intellectual."

Brazelton said he expects three or four of the artists to be at Friday's opening, which will be followed by an after-party in the Grey Area.


Opening reception, 7-11 p.m. Friday, Dec. 11

42 W. Jenkins St., South Side