Arts preview: Open house at OSU Urban Arts Space

Jim Fischer

The calendar year is nearing its end, and the OSU Urban Arts Space is celebrating a pair of exhibitions with a Dec. 19 open house before getting away for winter break.

Artists Clare Gatto, Mitch McGuire and Laura Payne collaborated on "Tammy Time," a series of images, objects and a video that addresses issues of commercial printing and advertising.

The trio began work on what became "Tammy Time" while still OSU students, working for the student fashion magazine. It began with a series of portraits, including several in suburban model homes, of Payne in character as a real estate agent they dubbed Tammy. For the exhibition, those portraits were printed on a series of objects, which were also then photographed.

"We started taking these portraits of Laura in suits, performing as this Realtor lady and featuring her misadventures," McGuire said. "We weren't sure what to call it, but whenever it came time to shoot, we all would say, 'It's Tammy Time!'"

The exhibition features these objects and images, as well as a virtual tour of a model home in which the objects can be seen.

"There's sort of a broader concept, too, about a model home, how it's supposed to be an ideal, but you can't live there," McGuire said. "It's not inhabited and it can't be."

There are also parallels to the fashion and advertising industries, McGuire said.

The Dec. 19 "Tammy Time" reception at Urban Arts Space is shared with the OSU Department of Art Autumn 2015 Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Projects exhibition.

The collection features the work of graduating art majors from Ohio State. The artists developed the work from a range of media and approaches during their courses of study, which include technology, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, photography and glass.

"The thesis work of the students is developed in close consultation with area faculty and represents the ideas and concepts that the students have been working toward during their time at OSU," said Rebecca Harvey, chair of the Department of Art. "They are a blend of conceptual and technical, some are quiet and unassuming, some bold and brash."

Featured artists are Tanner Burns, Marcia Forrest, Rachel Hill, Samuel Kennard, Susan Komer, Elizabeth Martin, Danielle Popp, Corey Reeb, Dan Riemen, Ki Rodriguez and Caitlin Zupancic.

OSU Urban Arts Space

3-5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 19

50 W. Town St., Downtown