Arts preview: 934 Gallery: "Anthropocene"

Jim Fischer
"Seasonal Drift" by Aaron Troyer

934 Gallery hosts the work of four artists whose work touches on the Earth and humankind's relationship to it in "Anthropocene," on exhibit at the Milo-Grogan neighborhood arts space through April 23.

The term is a scientific one that relates to our current time period and whether or not it can be defined as a specific epoch in Earth's history, one that is defined by human activity and its impact on geology.

"Earth Day is in April, so we collected work from individual artists that we knew did work that was related to environmental issues," 934 Executive Director Abigail Hartung said. "The work is not necessarily specific to the debate of the issues related to Earth Day, but visually illustrates the interaction of man and nature and underlying environmental aspects in general."

Featured artists are photographers Nicholas den Haan and Andrew Williams, digital and video artist Eric Rejman and mixed-media artist Aaron Troyer. "Anthropocene" is curated by 934 Gallery Events Coordinator Jamie Abbott.

The April 9 opening reception will also feature live music, Hartung said.

934 Gallery

Opening reception

7-11 p.m.,

Saturday, April 9

934 Cleveland Ave.,