Arts preview: Franklinton Friday: Winds of change

Jim Fischer
"El Destructo"

The seasons are struggling to change, and there's a similar shift in store at Franklinton Friday, as new art in the spaces found in the Franklinton Arts District provides a healthy catharsis for those of us looking to shake off the winter of our discontent.

Whoa, that's overly heavy, huh? Still, lots of cool stuff planned for April's Franklinton Friday, held the second Friday of every month.

"The Revenge of El Destructo," Dan Gerdeman, Ohio Art League X Space Gallery

Gerdeman's painting is full of theatricality and charm, and a subdued sense of skepticism. His cast of characters is headlined by this exhibition's titular figure, both hero and villain, engaging the viewer through excitement, temptation and adversity. "'The Revenge of El Destructo' chronicles a series of internal dialogues between an artist and himself, and an investigation of those around him," curator Andrew Ina said. "This exhibition highlights only key paintings among a vast body of work that evolves even as we do." "Revenge" will be on exhibit in X Space through May 13.

Ohio Art League X Space

Opening reception, 7-10 p.m. Friday, April 8

400 W. Rich St.

"(W)Reckoning," Heather Marks, and "Vita Post Mortem," Tiffany Christopher, 400 W. Rich

Marks attempts to capture inner torment through this minimalist collection of wood and found object mixed-media works. Her art will be on exhibit in the Northern Lounge Gallery at 400 W. Rich. Christopher's exhibition of paintings celebrates life after death in colorful, vibrant ways, offering a different perspective on the subject matter. This collection can be viewed in 400's Upstairs Promenade Gallery.

400 W. Rich

Opening reception, 7 p.m. Friday, April 8

400 W. Rich St.

"Deciduous Observers," Danielle Forbes, Rehab Tavern

Forbes' newest work illustrates personified visions of trees inspired by Celtic mythology. The paintings feature highly stylized and surreal landscapes and reflect both the permanence of trees and the fleeting, mutable nature of human relationships.

Rehab Tavern

Opening reception, 6 p.m. Friday, April 8

456 W. Town St.