Arts preview: OSU ACCAD Open House

Jim Fischer

ACCAD has all the best toys - 3D animation, motion capture, touch tables, interactive media, virtual reality…

OK, so maybe those things aren't toys, but they are fun, and Ohio State University's Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design wants you to see how they're being played with.

ACCAD, located in Sullivant Hall on Campus, is known for its work in computer graphics and 3D animation (Pixar scouts the program), but offers the highest of hi-tech computer technology to support a variety of programs both on- and off-campus. Graduate programs directly affiliated with ACCAD are design, dance, theatre, art, and computer science and engineering, but ACCAD is open more broadly to other disciplines, ACCAD Administrative Manager Elaine Smith said.

"Students and faculty who are interested in incorporating digital media in their research or work" are encouraged to make use of the center, she said, citing recent projects in microbiology, medicine and music.

ACCAD hosts an annual open house to share these opportunities not just with students it hopes to engage, but also with the community. The public is invited to view new work in computer animation, virtual environments, gaming, motion capture, sonic arts and interactivity.

Indeed, many of these tools will not just be on view but also available for interaction with visitors, Smith said.

Sullivant Hall

3-6 p.m. Friday, April 15

1813 N. High St., Campus