Arts preview: Art and poetry partner for "Poetically Inspired"

Jim Fischer
"Poetically Inspired" by Amy Turn Sharp

Studios on High Gallery is running a mutual inspiration society in April.

In an exhibition that both examines the nature of artist inspiration and celebrates National Poetry Month, the gallery paired five artists with five poets to create works inspired by one another.

"We paired them up, honestly, pretty much at random," Gallerist Joan Selle Zeller said. "How they decided to work together was up to them."

Zeller was paired with poet Amy Turn Sharp. Other artist-poet pairings include Beth Himsworth with Larry Smith (he of the "Six Word Memoir"), Ruth Ann Mitchell and Maggie Smith, Denise Romecki and Hannah Stephenson and Judy Hoberg and John Hoberg.

"It was way harder than I thought it would be," Zeller said, pointing to the shared responsibility to sufficiently either represent or honor the other's work - to hold up your end of the bargain, so to speak. "It was interesting to see how it drives the creative process."

"I'd never done this before," Sharp said. "But my poetry is so open-ended. I always write so that people can feel whatever they want."

Artists were asked to create a work on a 12"x12" canvas. The "partner" poem is presented with the art either in its entirety or excerpted.

In addition to the five pairings, the gallery's April exhibition also features the work of other artists that is inspired by poetry.

An April 24 event will allow patrons to hear from both the poets and artists, and to try their hand at some poetry themselves. Typewriters will be available for the creation of collective poetry. Patrons can create poems based on art made by gallery artists on index cards and Smith will have a "Six Word" station as well.

Studios on High

4-6 p.m. Sunday,

April 24

686 N. High St.,

Short North