Arts preview: Davis and Dassai: Drawn Comics

Jim Fischer
Left Handed Sophie

You can count on Ann Bremner to bring something unusual to the Dublin Arts Council.

Bremner curates one show a year at the DAC, with an eye toward art and/or artists who might not otherwise find their way to the scenic gallery-and-classroom space on Riverside Drive just outside the I-270 ring. This spring, with assistance from her former Wexner Center for the Arts colleague Jean Pitman, Bremner has curated the work of Columbus comic artists Phonzie Davis and Julian Dassai.

"The two of them are really different. Two friends with radically different approaches," Bremner said. "There are almost 20 works from each artist, a real nice overview."

Davis has been drawing Left Handed Sophie for 16 to 17 years, he said, developing not just the visual dynamic of the character but also personality and backstory.

"The pieces I've been working on lately are inspired by mythology and old Renaissance painting," Davis said. "The connection between modern comic book heroes and mythology. So I have a series of works inspired by the idea of Left Handed Sophie being a goddess.

"I'm drawn to this character. She's my life's work."

Dublin Arts Council

April 26-June 3

Opening reception

6-8 p.m. Tuesday,

April 26

7125 Riverside Dr.,