Arts preview: 'Conversation Pieces'

Jim Fischer

Five hours of conversation.

This Sunday afternoon, the Urban Art Experience will present work designed to start, drive and shape conversation, courtesy of Columbus-based African-American artists Y. Aileen, Ludie Senatus and Dwayne Eggerson.

The mission of the UAE is to create and provide a venue for artists to showcase their works among art supporters and new audiences.

The exhibition is primarily self-curated by the participating artists.

"I pulled from my work pieces that I felt spoke to the title, in the hopes that we'll stir some up," Aileen said. "I think all three of us will be sharing pieces of work that will elevate levels of consciousness."

Aileen's photography finds perspectives on common objects, things you might pass on the street, that provoke thought and discussion.

Aileen counts longtime Columbus artist Queen Brooks as a significant patron. "I never really considered myself a true artist until she encouraged me and said, 'You have an eye,'" she said.

A portion of the proceeds from all art sales during "Conversation Pieces" will benefit Urban Strings, a Columbus-based youth orchestra of young, talented musicians from public and private schools throughout the area.

Urban Art Experience

1-6 p.m. Sunday,May 1

44 Woodland Ave.,

Woodland Park