Arts preview: Locally produced film "The Removals" premieres at the Wex

Jim Fischer

Nicholas Rombes' "The Removals" is the second feature film produced by Columbus-based boutique film producer and book publisher Two Dollar Radio.

Writer/director Rombes called the film "cerebral science fiction with no special effects." That's why filming in Columbus in the summer came in handy.

"It rained so much last summer, everything got so green and lush, it became like technicolor," he said. "Everything glowed. It was a free special effect."

Two Dollar Radio films aren't, as you might guess, about effects, but, in co-founder Eric Obenauf's words, "to enable storytellers."

"I don't know that what we're doing is what a producer would normally do," Obenauf joked. "We do everything from working with a writer on the script to finding actors, scouting locations, operating cameras. Nick and I edited the film together. It's very satisfying creatively."

"The Removals" is the story of an organization that is rewriting the history of normal human interaction by reenacting events and giving them slightly different outcomes. The organization begins using this tactic for nefarious purposes, and lead characters Mason (Jeff Wood) and Kathryn (Milly Sanders), recognizing the danger to society at large, begin to break away and fight back, albeit in a subtle way.

"We used the tagline 'Is it still a revolution if no one notices' to reflect the nature of their actions," Obenauf said.

The film was shot over 18 days at a collection of Columbus locales. Rombes said working in Columbus proved rewarding.

"The creative community there is incredible," he said. "People were so generous. I felt like we were in a community of like-minded people."

Both producer and director expressed nervous excitement at the film's premiere.

"It's such a long process," Obenauf said. "I'm excited to finally be able to share it with people."

Wexner Center

for the Arts

7 p.m. Wednesday,

May 4

1871 N. High St.,