Arts preview: MINT spring fundraiser

Jim Fischer

It's next-step time for MINT.

The artist collective, gallery and performance space is closing in on its second birthday, along the way charting a successful course as a place for emerging artists to call home, independent artists to find and share their voices and Columbus' grassroots arts community to experience the quality of these endeavors.

MINT is laying some financial groundwork for its future, through an Indiegogo campaign and its upcoming fundraising event. In addition to upping the ante for performance and visual art, MINT hopes to add a public dark room, wood shop and art book/zine store.

"It's about bumping up the space to make more for everyone to use. More spaces for artists, more spaces that are needed by the community, and also for more opportunities for the general community to connect with artists and the art," MINT member Maritt Vaessin said.

Friday's event will feature food and entertainment, a live auction and, of course, work by MINT artists.

"We thought the best way to do it was to showcase what we have to offer," Vaessin said.


7 p.m. Friday,

May 20

42 W. Jenkins St.,

South Side