Staff Pick: "Patterns of Life"

Jim Fischer

"Patterns of Life" reflects a universality, a permanence amid change, a weaving together of things established with things emerging.

This exhibit by A Village Collective at the William H. Thomas Gallery is bridging the gap between arts community elders and younger generations of creatives in Columbus, curator Shelbi Harris said. Harris is working at the gallery, which has been curated by Chief Baba Shongo Obadina since he opened it in 1976.

"He's all about the Flower of Life, and thought that was a great Baba inspiration for this exhibit," Harris said.

The "Patterns" aspect acknowledges the passing down of culture and community from elders to a younger generation of artists.

"One of the things we talk about here at the gallery is crossing over to a new generation," Harris said. "We did an open call to bring in a little bit of everybody, and to bind them together."

Poet Is Said will host the opening event, which will feature brief statements from participating artists.

William H. Thomas Gallery

Opening reception 4-7 p.m. Sunday, May 22

1270 Bryden Rd., Olde Towne East