Arts preview: "Girls in Pantyhose"

Jim Fischer
"Pink Glow" by Melissa Vogley Woods

A collection of works by two artists who challenge patriarchy and make unconventional feminist statements is titled "girls in pantyhose." So Danielle Julian Norton's goal - "I want people to be confused and happy," she said - is achieved, at least in part.

The assembled work of Norton and fellow Columbus artist Melissa Vogley Woods explores belief systems, feminism and authority. The artists, who share a studio, have worked together frequently, although this is the first exhibition for either at Angela Meleca Gallery.

"We're both parents, we're both female, we both see inequality and we both live in 2016," Norton said. "Living and working as a woman today, there are things you can't ignore."

"If a white man makes a painting, he doesn't get asked what he's saying about whiteness or maleness," Woods said. "We are acknowledging and leveraging the idea of 'What are you trying to say about being a woman?'"

The exhibition includes work in painting, sculpture, photography and film.

Angela Meleca Gallery

Opening reception,

6-8 p.m. Thursday,

May 26

144 E. State St.,