Arts preview: "9 Minutes" at City Center Gallery

Jim Fischer

Photos documenting life in an established "tent city" in Wooster will be on exhibit in City Center Gallery, part of Ohio State's Downtown Urban Arts Space,July 5-29.

Ryn Osbourne's "9 Minutes" project contains images taken from her perspective as an "outsider," as well as "insider" images taken by residents of the Chickahominy Indian Tribal Rescue Mission. Osbourne first ventured into the camp in 2013, bringing with her a desire to understand motivation and community - and a few disposable cameras. Osbourne was able to convince residents of the community, who have been considered everything from squatters to hometown economic refugees to members of an indigenous tribe, that she was interested in their perspective and hoped for their participation in documenting life in the Mission.

"'9 Minutes' is a project of perspective," Obsourne said. By placing both "insider" and "outsider" images together, she hopes to create a visual dialogue on the topics of space, ownership and the war on poverty.

City Center Gallery

Opening reception,

5-7 p.m.

Saturday, July 9

50 W. Town St.,