Arts preview: Chamber Brews

Jim Fischer

BEEEEEERRR! And also classical music.

This is not quite the marketing campaign for Chamber Brews, the music series created by local musicians Devin Copfer and Elisabeth Jeremica. But they admit there's maybe a grain of truth to the idea that beer can get people to do anything.

"We love going to shows, and we love going to all these great microbreweries that are popping up," Copfer said. "We had this music that we wanted to play, and we started thinking about what makes certain kinds of classical music less accessible."

"Some people have never had an experience with classical music and see it as too sacred or elitist, and that's a shame," Jeremica said.

"A traditional performance hall can be perceived as intimidating or something that they don't belong to," Copfer added.

So the idea of classical music in a bar was hatched, and the pair recruited some of their musician friends to augment the instrumentation and, thus, the repertoire.

"The idea was to make the space as comfortable as possible, and the message is that this music is something you can like and understand," Copfer said.

Jeremica said the concerts also feature discussion, helping to humanize composers and place works in historical context. The Oct. 24 Chamber Brews concert, "War and Music," will feature works by composers impacted by war and/or works composed as a response to conflict.

Wolf's Ridge Brewing

7 p.m. Monday,

Oct. 24

215 N. Fourth St.,