Arts preview: 'Timeless Treasures'

Jim Fischer
"Timeless Treasures"

In true collective form, the title of Creative Women of Color's December show at The Vanderelli Room was arrived at, well, collectively.

Janet George, who coordinated the show with Alicia Vanderelli, said the collaborative of African-American artists came up with the theme as a group, then set about making work to fit the theme as each artist saw fit within her own practice.

"It was a concept that could cover so many things, from memorabilia to family to precious jewels," George said.

Artist Celia Peters will feature her "Say Cheese" series of works, saying, in an artist's statement, "The power of 'Say Cheese' lies in its simplicity. A universal symbol of what matters most … what lasts."

George's own entries, two pieces titled "Hidden Treasures," speak to her appreciation of the Ohioana Library Association and of local artist Queen Brooks.

Other participating artists include Teri Thomas, Anna Austin, Y. Alleen, Kenya Davis, Michol Childress, Barbara J. Clark, Rozelia Mcqueen and Beryl K. Thompson.

The Vanderelli Room

3-6 p.m. Saturday,

Dec. 3

218 McDowell St.,