Arts preview: "Super Video Graphics Array"

Jim Fischer

Students in Liz Roberts' Experimental Video class will exhibit their semester projects at MINT on Thursday, Dec. 15, in a show titled "Super Video Graphics Array."

Roberts said she designed the course to balance the concepts and techniques from experimental film and video art.

"This show will be all installation work, moving images you experience rather than watch," she said. "It's challenging. These students are used to making films. A video installation is more about moving through, about the body of the viewer, the use of sculptural elements."

Sounds, virtual reality and created environment will also accompany the installed video pieces, in varying degrees.

Rather than a traditionally curated show where the collected pieces would have an established dialogue with one another, Roberts said the assembled 13 pieces sharing the space will offer "a little bit of an X factor." Still, she said, the students have worked to use the space at MINT in such a way as to offer cohesion.

"With video installation, the space is so important. A piece will never exist like that again," Roberts said.


7-10 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 15

42 W. Jenkins Ave., South Side