Arts preview: 'The Red Crystal'

Jim Fischer

For nearly a quarter of his life, Meshach Malley has been working on the feature film "The Red Crystal," which is not to say the Columbus high school student hasn't been doing other things, too.

"The Red Crystal" will be shown Monday, Jan. 2, at Gateway Film Center as part of its Ohio Grown Film screening program. The effort was helmed by Malley with the help of an extended group of friends.

"When I was 13, I wrote a screenplay. I talked to a group of my friends and we decided to make it into a film," said Malley, now 16.

Save for a couple adults in acting roles, everyone who worked on the film was under 18, Malley said.

Shooting was done in the summer of 2014, with on-the-job training in editing, effects and the like arriving over the two years that followed.

Malley called "The Red Crystal" a "sci-fi adventure story about an average middle-school student who is taken on a magical journey to another dimension where he fights wizards and evil lords to rescue a queen."

Gateway Film Center

7 p.m. Monday,Jan. 2

1550 N. High St.,