Staff Pick: Kimistry Maestro at “Holler”

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive

Playing his horns in a concert hall, church or on a street corner, Kimistry Maestro is just happy to be able to play.

“I was shot in the neck, and then my lung collapsed,” Maestro said. “They said I wouldn't be able to be active. [They] told me not to touch my horn.”

His refusal to set aside his trombone and baritone proved therapeutic both physically and emotionally, and Maestro often keeps them in his car should the desire strike him to park and play.

Maestro is a singer, keyboardist and songwriter as well, and will bring all of this to bear (and, if we're lucky, a band) for his Thursday, March 9, gig as part of “Holler,” Scott Woods' month-long series of arts events and performances highlighting local black artists in music, drama, dance, visual art and spoken word.

New Harvest Cafe

8 p.m. Thursday, March 9

1675 Arlington Ave., Linden