Arts preview: Columbus Gay Men's Chorus' "Heroes"

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive

From superheroes to sports figures, from public servants to friends and family, to the hero inside you … the Columbus Gay Men's Chorus examines all aspects of heroism in its upcoming concerts.

Director Tim Sarsany said the program features a repertoire that moves through different types of heroes and different concepts of heroism.

“My idea was to showcase heroes we have as we're growing up — superheroes, family, friends — then move into those in our lives outside school and home: our armed forces to our everyday heroes [like] doctors [and] teachers … who don't havesuperhero status, but nonethelessare heroes,” Sarsany said of the concert's first half.

The second half of the program honors those seeking social justice, and acknowledges that “we must become our own heroes and take charge of our own world,” Assistant Conductor Michael Medvidik said.

The program's finale features a generational passing of the torch of sorts, as students from the Arts & College Preparatory Academy, where Medvidik teaches, will join the choir on stage.

The weighty topic notwithstanding, the concert will feature traditional CGMC fun and humor, including a “nice Andrews Sisters moment during Johnny Mercer's ‘G.I. Jive,'” Sarsany said.

Lincoln Theatre

8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, March 17 and 18, 3 p.m. Sunday, March 19

769 E. Long St., King-Lincoln