Concert preview: CODE's 'Sonic Interchanges'

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive

Discovery, opportunity and diversity. This upcoming program by the Columbus Ohio Discovery Ensemble (CODE) offers all three.

This new music ensemble performs modern “classical” music. Artistic Director Michael Rene Torres said that not recognizing the names of the composers should be “enticing” to potential audiences.

“We have these great masterpieces, and those are wonderful,” Torres said in an interview at a German Village coffee shop. “We need to find out if these might also be masterpieces. And we can hear what these composers have to say about what it's like to be alive today, and not just 200 years ago in Europe.”

The program features six pieces, three each by female and male composers. Two are Columbus composers, Torres said, noting that both “have a passionate voice that audiences will really appreciate.”

Vera Stanojevic's “Bridges” will receive its world premiere.

“The music on this program will blur expectations of harmony, rhythm and melody,” Torres said. “The music itself is diverse, from minimalist work to music that has a groove to pieces that are soundscapes. There will be work that is tonal and atonal.”

Garden Theater

7 p.m. Wednesday, May 17

1187 N. High St., Short North