Exhibition preview: 'Output Logic'

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive

Nix Comics at What the Rock?! hosts this exhibition of works that boast, simultaneously, a futuristic look and a throwback, almost steampunk feel.

Raeghan the Savage's “Output Logic” will be on exhibit June 9 through July 8. The show combines illustration, collage, installation and sculpture, employs screenprinting and found materials, and is inspired by the artist's appreciation for her father's woodworking and by the time she spent working in a factory.

“My inspiration for this body of work is just my fascination with machines and urban decay. I grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania, an aging industrial town, and a lot of the scenery around where I lived was falling apart, with urban sprawl and exposed rusted metal [and] acquired patina everywhere,” the artist said. “Machines and schematics are elements I use in a lot of work, but the difference between this and most of my other work is that there isn't much of a political or social message here. They are just exercises in creating landscapes using directions and diagrams and parts that could make sense together, but in these instances don't.”

Nix Comics at What the Rock?!

Reception 6-9 p.m. Friday, June 9

3039 Indianola Ave., Clintonville