Arts preview: Bitch Perfect

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive

Still looking for things to be thankful for? Be thankful for the friend who told Sarah Storer to just create, helping the artist lift the self-imposed restriction on needing to be able to do something specific with anything she was writing and making.

The result for Storer is a 2017 she billed as “The Year of Creation.” The result for audiences, thankfully, is “Bitch Perfect.”

So Storer has been writing and writing — “Songs just started pouring out of me. I've written probably 15-20 songs just this year,” she said — and finding more and more opportunities to present them in various formats.

A trained musician, Storer has long included music in her comedy.

“I keep telling people that what I do is musical standup. Music is just as much a part of the joke as talking is,” Storer said.

So “Bitch Perfect” is a comedy show and a music show, interspersed with storytelling and video. Storer called the program “a mixtape, a journey through my mind over the past year.” “Almost all of it was written new this year, but I will debut a couple things I wrote before that I've never performed [because I] never had the right outlet,” she said.

“I have a three-song arc about America, written as this sort of Loretta Lynn character that ends up being a very tongue-in-cheek love letter to where we are currently [in the United States],” Storer continued. “And I've written a lot about ‘The Bachelor.' I love to hate it. I genuinely enjoy hating tuning in, so I wrote about that.

“Also, I had a very interesting experience with Home Depot, and by interesting I mean awful, and I have a song in which I'll be enacting my revenge,” she said.

Storer's “Year of Creativity” hasn't been limited to comedic writing, either.

“One of my friends passed away this summer and I wrote a song for him before he passed, but there hasn't been an opportunity to perform it outside of that context,” Storer said. “I feel like the song, while inspired specifically by him, has a more wide-reaching message.”

Storer will also perform a song written for a nephew who was recently deployed to Iraq.

“I'm kind of nervous, because my sister's coming into town. I hope I can make it through that song,” Storer said.

Backstage Bistro

8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 28

503 S. Front St., Brewery District