Arts preview: 'Thesis 2018'

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive
“The Old Man Gave a Hollow Smile" by Eun Young Cho

The annual Ohio State University Department of Art MFA Thesis Exhibition brings together soon-to-graduate artists in about as diverse a group show as you'll find. This year, 11 MFA artists offer up 11 takes on practice, media and utterance.

In one example, Katie Coughlin asks universal questions drawn from personal experience in a work that includes a performance titled “Appendage.” Inspired by laundry dried on a clothesline, Coughlin examines the human body at work and asks where body ends and object begins.

In Eun Young Cho's “The Old Men Gave a Hollow Smile,” Cho wrestles with the imperfection of language she experiences in both her native Korean and her adopted English.

“‘Do I really mean this?' ‘Do I really think this?' I want to know what my true voice is,” Cho said. The work finds Cho translating an original poem back and forth and then applying treatment to the characters, forcing the viewer to consider how ideas are shaped by language.

The exhibition will remain on view through March 17.

OSU Urban Arts Space

Reception 5-7 p.m. Saturday, March 3

50 W. Town St., Downtown