Arts preview: 'Detour Detour Detour Detour' at Angela Meleca Gallery

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive
Ryland Wharton's "Detour Detour Detour Detour"

Columbus artist/curator Ryland Wharton explained that he often doesn't know what he's going to be making when he enters his studio. He said that, because he's not a painter or photographer, for example, he might not even know what form his work could take.

Perhaps this helps explain at least a couple of the ideas at work in his current solo exhibition at Angela Meleca Gallery. Titled “Detour Detour Detour Detour,” the exhibition finds Wharton concerned with both change of direction and alchemy, or how something changes from one thing into another.

That Wharton's practice is informed by books — both reading them and the idea of them — is obvious. Indeed, there are pieces in the show that are made of books or parts of books. The artist's literary bent is further evident in the small space he operates in a space adjacent to Meleca's. The space, Appendix, opened earlier this year and features a mini used-book store and exhibits distinct from those in the gallery.

Angela Meleca Gallery

Through Saturday, April 7

144 E. State St., Downtown