Arts preview: 'Futures for the Rest of Us'

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive
"My Beautiful Child" by Stephanie Rond & Chuck Shackelford

With anxiety a near-constant state of existence in these politically charged times, it's apparent that the fuss isn't only about today, but about the future.

Artist/filmmaker Celia C. Peters wondered what voices will help shape that future, and approached a collection of artists to examine just that via the exhibition “Futures for the Rest of Us,” which opens Friday, May 4, at Blockfort.

“I wanted to create a platform for different voices to be heard,” Peters said. “I asked them to create a vision of or for the future through their lens.”

Needless to say, Peters did not seek out perspective from voices that share demographics with the current power structure. And while Peters believes that “within this group of artists there is as diverse a group of perspectives as possible,” curation was “not about ticking boxes.”

“I was looking for voices of significance,” she said. “The future is for everyone.”

The artist roster is made up primarily of Columbus-based artists, all experienced exhibitors. Peters said that their looks into the future took political, social, personal and environmental forms.


Reception 6-9 p.m. Friday, May 4

162 N. Sixth St., Downtown