Arts preview: “Go Figure” and “Alec Soth” at Pizzuti Collection

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive

The exhibitions at the Pizzuti Collection come, primarily, from the private collection of Columbus residents Ron and Ann Pizzuti. This does not mean that pieces can't or won't be exhibited in such a way as to remind that contemporary art has something to offer to greater social conversations.

“We're not necessarily choosing works to make a specific political statement,” Chief Curator Greer Pagano said, “but I'm not going to lie and say that the current social climate didn't have anything to do with it. These are turbulent times, and it makes sense to consider how we look at each other.”

“How we look at each other” isn't the title of the collection's primary summer exhibition, but “Go Figure” does, indeed, offer a variety of perspectives and interpretations of the body. At the center of the cross-medium exhibition is a massive Kehinde Wiley sculpture that is both homage to and examination of black women in contemporary culture. Pagano said the exhibition is also multigenerational, featuring work by experienced and emerging artists.

“By using figuration, we're always talking about the world,” Pagano said.

The gallery's companion exhibition of work by photographer Alec Soth is a breakout exhibition, of sorts. As she was assembling “Go Figure,” Pagano kept returning to Soth's work, ultimately choosing to offer it in standalone fashion.

Pizzuti Collection

May 10 through August 12

632 N. Park St., Short North