Arts preview: 'Rick Borg: ZOO' at 934 Gallery

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive
Rick Borg

Since Milo Arts resident Rick Borg was the first to exhibit at 934 Gallery three years ago, it's a little like going back to the beginning to have his work featured at the gallery's three-year anniversary. But Borg was involved with the space even before that first show, helping with renovations both inside and outside the gallery.

There are even a few pieces from the original show on the walls this go-round, although the prolific Borg couldn't devote too much space to nostalgia. “Zoo” will feature almost 300 pieces, according to Borg.

“I paint all the time,” he said, adding that, while his work still follows “the same path,” he has “hopefully refined my work a little bit.”

“Zoo” references his predilection for painting animals, something he's done since he was young.

“The way I paint them is advanced, but I've been painting animals as long as I can remember,” he said. “It's not a realistic style, more of a child's view.”

“The excitement and ‘back to the beginning' nostalgia vibes for our team, especially seeing how we've all personally grown and how the gallery has evolved, is particularly rewarding.We are honored to have Borg showing with us again,” Gallery Director Abigail Hartung said.

934 Gallery

Reception 7-10 p.m. Friday, June 1

934 Cleveland Ave., Milo-Grogan