Arts preview: 'The Time Machine: 1984'

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive

UPDATE:The show, initially scheduled for Tuesday, July 31, has been canceled.

The first Apple Macintosh computer. Springsteen's Born in the USA and Prince's Purple Rain. “Where's the beef?”

All from 1984, which is also the year Katy Perry, LeBron James and local comedian Nickey Winkelman were born. And the year simultaneously celebrated and sent up in her variety show “The Time Machine” Tuesday at the Backstage Bistro, which offers a trip back to the '80s via standup, sketch comedy, drag and music.

“I've always been into pop culture but into recent history, as well, so this ties together two things I love most: history and comedy,” Winkelman said. “When we picked the year, we did a lot of research and found out a lot of notable stuff happened that year.”

“We kind of wanted it to be a history lesson,” said co-producer Jimmy Mak, who turned 14 in 1984. “We just kept coming across stuff where we were saying, ‘Oh, yeah. That's from 1984.' We do the show with absolute respect.”

Among those making “appearances” are Casey Kasem, Walter Mondale, Madonna and the Iron Sheik.

“People really like the nostalgia part of it, even if some of those same people weren't around then,” Winkelman said.