Arts preview: ‘[Porto]’

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive
Photo by Matt Slaybaugh

Here's an easy decision: Make it a priority to check out Available Light Theatre's production of “[Porto]” during its three-weekend run this month. Because most decisions are hard; and they're getting ever more difficult to make.

“On its surface, people think it's a play about a 20-something woman trying to date in this world, and that'sa storyline,” said Eleni Papaleonardos, who directs the play for Available Light. “But it speaks very personally to people in very different places in their lives about the paralysis of over-analysis and the anxiety of trying to make a responsible choice when we can know so many outcomes, so many eventualities of every choice we make. We're living in a time now when so much is known about our world, we can be totally frozen because there are so many ways we can get it wrong.”

Playwright Kate Benson did indeed start with the idea of creating a romantic comedy built on a character who would traditionally be a sidekick in such a story. But the treat of “[Porto]” is the universality of a play with a decidedly feminist bent — a play that gives a modern platform to voices that need to be amplified.

“We hear her mind and the minds of the other characters. We see them go through making decisions about the situations they find themselves in,” Papaleonardos said. “And we see we're not islands.”

Riffe Center Studio One Theatre

Sept. 13-29

77 S. High St., Downtown