Arts preview: “Devil Boys from Beyond”

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive
[Photo courtesy of Evolution Theatre Company]

Buddy Thomas and Kenneth Elliott's “Devil Boys from Beyond” is a full-on farce, an uproarious send-up of '50s C movies, and the C stands for camp.

But there's a subtle and poignant message hidden throughout, one that is highlighted near the end of the play, a line of dialogue delivered by one of the Devil Boys that sums up the whole point of the show.

“It doesn't preach,” said Michael Schwamberger, managing artistic director of Evolution Theatre Company, which presents “Devil Boys” this weekend at the Columbus Performing Arts Center. “It's one of those things where it's entwined throughout the show and before you know it, you have the message.”

Schwamberger wouldn't come right out and share that message, but he did say that one of the reasons the company is reviving its 2011 production of the play – it was the first show produced by the company – is that the company hadn't formally made being a dedicated LGTBQIA troupe part of its identity yet. There was a lot of talk in 2011 about marriage equality, Schwamberger said, but now “it seems almost like we've gone backward. In some ways it's even more timely.”

For the revival, the company has brought back about half the cast from the 2011 production.

Columbus Performing Arts Center

Sept. 21-29

549 Franklin Ave., Downtown

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