Poet’s Corner: ‘Ode to the Invisible Girl’

Rachel Wiley
Columbus poet Rachel Wiley at Yellow Brick pizza in Olde Towne East where Wiley lives.(Jodi Miller)

guitar picks match sticks

sage bundle lungs pocket mirror calloused finger- tips


1 drop

invisible girl. If you ask me I will tell you,

but you won't think to ask.

I pass.

I pass smooth like water like blood

one swollen drop



Mulatto comes from the latin word for mule Okay,

so I'll be a mule

just not yours.


I'll run these drops

this culture

like a razor blade on the roof of my mouth this righteous anger

You won't think to ask

like matchsticks in my hair

this undeserved forgiveness

like sage smoke in my chest.

but if you did

I would tell you;

I am the granddaughter of a jazz & blues man

spent his life with his hand around the neck of some strung up branch rather than the other way around

and that right there is survival.