Poet's Corner: 'If we were all a bit like spiderman'

M. Rigsby

If we were all a bit like spiderman,

We'd let our colours show,

Tell politicians what we know—

Tell them we will hold them to their promises,

and if they carry lies, they will not find compromises; make them free our people

From their prison cells' disguises.

If we were all a little bit like spiderman,

We'd stand strong, and stop trying to save

our skins; sister stands against brother,

and we are on the brink of fighting eachother

while the real villain— a true Doctor Doom

or Ultron or Thanos— tells us that

our Civil Wars are non-existent when they are

Dominos falling forward further and further

until we turn our buildings into

Rubble and into dust.

You and I know that we must

Take a stand, take the identity of

a hero into our hands, raise our

Fists and tell them,

We, the people, have power;

But, you, in the office—

‘You are nothing without the suit.'