Arts preview: 'Mis Momentos Literarios'

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive

New York City-based (the Bronx, specifically) artist Fernando Pintado is liberal in his willingness to use a variety of materials in his creative process — including his previously made works.

The San Juan, Puerto Rico, native is a devotee of painters/printmakers Francisco Goya and Andy Warhol, employing recurring imagery to create a unique-yet-universal language. His latest body of work finds Pintado reusing art he made as a graduate student, layering and intertwining unstretched canvases to create site-specific works that give his existing visual language new meanings.

“I'm looking into my past to look at the present so I can look into the future,” Pintado said by phone in a recent interview. “There is a heavy bit of nostalgia in this work.”

Indeed, the exhibition title comes from a reading textbook used in Puerto Rican schools. The work is also informed by more recent changes in Pintado's personal life, of which he said, “I exorcised everything through the art.”

No Place Gallery

Through Saturday, Dec. 22

1164 S. Front St., Merion Village

"Mis Momentos Literarios"