Arts preview: Stadium Virginium

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive

This annual late-winter show features a veritable who’s who of Columbus drag performers, plus a special guest or two from further afield, but you damn well know it’s got Virginia West’s fingerprints all over it from start to finish.

“Even when I started doing drag I pushed against using new music. To me, it makes sense, because [’80s rock] is the music I grew up with. It’s the music I connect with,” West said.

And so Stadium Virginium is a rock show – and a big one, at that.

“I know rock is a predominantly male-dominated genre, even with [artists like] Joan Jett, Heart and Lita Ford. But — and I think this especially with ’80s rock and hair bands — the masculinity in rock and roll music borders on femininity,” West said.

West has expanded the playlist for this year’s Stadium shows (which wrap this weekend at Axis) with everything from music from the ’70s to today in the playlist. “My choreographer, Krystal Something-Something, suggested some newer songs,” West said. “So while the original Stadium was aimed at ages 30 to 40, this one is also for the kids coming to the club today.”

Through Sunday, March 3

775 N. High St., Short North